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Commercial Composting for Restaurants, Schools and Business

Composting isn't just for backyards anymore. Transform the food waste at your business or organization into nutrient-rich soil and demonstrate your commitment to the environment by reducing greenhouse gases.

Food and Yard Waste

Any organic material can be put in your Organicycle bin, making it easy to dispose of your business or organization's food and yard waste.

Be Socially Responsible

Give your staff and your customers something to be proud of by diverting your waste from the landfill and helping stop climate change. 

On-Site Help

For commercial accounts, a staff member will visit your site to assist with recycling efforts and implementation and answer your questions.

Dedicated App

Not sure what can be composted? We've got an app for that. With our new app, BetterBin, you can find out if something's compostable in a few short clicks, making it easier than ever to know what goes in your bin.

Holding Plant

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Thank you for reaching out about curbside composting for your business or organization. We'll be in touch soon with a quote for service.

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