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Using a Touch Phone

Questions About What Goes In Your Bin? Try Our New App

Organicycle now has a new web app for its residential curbside composting program members! With our partnership with the app BetterBin, customers search for any product to find out if it is acceptable in your Organicycle cart.

What You Can Put In Your Organicycle Bin

Fruits and Vegetables

Meat, fish, dairy, vegetables, fruit, shells, bones, grains... any and all food waste.


Plants, flowers, landscape vegetation, dirt, soil, yard waste, grass, leaves, paper bags, untreated wood scraps


Coffee filters, paper towels and napkins, tea bags, pizza boxes, paper containers, paper plates, shredded paper, cardboard with tape removed (please cut into smaller pieces)

Food Waste

Yard Waste

Paper Waste

What Not To Put In Your Organicycle Bin

Non-Organic Materials

Recycling Bottles

Plastic, glass, styrofoam, rubber, metal, aluminum, ceramics or any other non-organic material


Colored cardboard containers or paper like cereal boxes or junk mail should go in your city recycling cart.

Waste with Non-Organic Materials Still Attached


Wood with nails, boxes with tape or packaging filler, or a product with glass or plastic attached

Colored Paper
Products or Boxes


Keeping Your Cart Clean and Safe

In order to ensure the safety of our drivers, it's vital that all our customers do their part to keep their cart clean.


Here's what every customer needs to do:

  1. Clean your cart regularly. Food waste and other organic material in the cart can produce many unwanted smells and pests. In spring and summer, we recommend that you clean your cart out with soap and water at least once a month. During winter, it’s important to bag wet food and yard waste to prevent product from freezing to the bottom of the cart, making the collection process difficult.

  2. Use a liner: Using a 100 -percent compostable liner on your cart will help it stay cleaner and ensure that your bin is fully emptied each time.

  3. Bag your waste. Using 100-percent compostable bags or paper bags (like grocery store bags) for food waste (in winter), pet waste, sawdust and wood ash is required.

  4. 200 Pounds MAX - Our carts have a maximum of 200 pounds! This weight limit helps keep our drivers, carts and trucks in good working condition. If you have a hard time moving your cart to the curb because of the weight, chances are it is above the 200 pound limit. 


Our drivers will skip any account whose carts are too heavy, infested with insects or contain unpleasant odors, so keep your cart clean and safe!

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