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Responsibly-Produced Compost From a Local Company You Can Trust

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Our Compost Facility in Marne, Michigan

Our Composting Process


Step One: Raw Material

We bring your organics to our composting site and add them to an existing pile, being careful to keep the right proportions of green and brown material


We turn our piles over time and add water to introduce oxygen and help the organic matter to break down more efficiently. Then we screen out anything that didn't biodegrade. 


Our nutrient rich "black gold" — better known as compost — enhances the value of West Michigan fields and landscapes, reusing our precious resources and keeping them out of the landfill.

Step Two: Water, Turn and Screen

Step Three: Finished Product

Where are your organics really going?

When you put organic waste in the trash, it's probably headed to a landfill, where it will produce methane, a potent greenhouse gas. 

When you compost with Organicycle, you know your organic waste is being responsibly recycled by a local, family business, benefitting our entire ecosystem. 


What Goes in Compost? It's Right Here In Our Logo

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The three squares represent the familiar recycling arrow in a new, modern format, symbolizing the new twist that large-scale compost brings to sustainabilty!