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Curbside Composting for Home and Business in Grand Rapids and West Michigan

A Simple Step For A Sustainable Future


Grand Rapids Residential and Commercial Composting

Easy, Weekly Curbside Pickup at your Home, School, Business or Organization in West Michigan.

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Yard Waste Collection in Grand Rapids and West Michigan

Compost your leaves, brush, plants, flowers, grass clippings and more all in the same bin.

Food Knolling

Compost All Your Food Waste with Organicycle

Don't have the time or space to compost? No problem. Compost meat, fish, dairy, fruit, vegetables, leftovers, bones, shells and more.

Keep Your Food Waste
Out of Landfills

When you send your food waste to a landfill, it releases methane, a greenhouse gas that can be harmful to our environment.

You’re also robbing the soil of the nutrients contained in food waste.

When you compost your food and yard waste with Organicycle, you’re keeping methane-producing waste out of landfills in West Michigan and Grand Rapids and turning it into nutrient-rich compost that enriches the fields of local farmers.

Green Orchard
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