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Introducing curbside composting
Finally a curbside alternative to trash.  Organicycle's service allows residents and businesses to divert material away from harmful landfills and incinerators, and into a renewable process the generates soil.

Curbside Composting with Organicycle allows residents and businesses to divert 100% of:

Through industrial composting, Organicycle can collect all food including bones, meat & dairy waste.  Diverting food is the easiest way to start curbside composting, and will remove odor from the trash so you don't have to tip your cart as frequently.

[ Did You Know? ] Food waste is the heaviest waste material and makes up nearly 15% of our waste stream entering landfills?

Recycling helps, but paper waste still makes up the largest source of landfill-bound trash. Use curbside composting for both clean paper (office, junkmail, etc) as well as soiled paper (paper plates, pizza boxes, paper towel, etc)

City recycling is picked up bi-weekly, but with Curbside Composting, you can divert some paper out of recycling to prevent overflow?

Yard waste needs rise and fall with the season, but because Curbside Composting includes yard waste collection, residents are saving money and garage space.

City lawn & leaf bags are small and costly ($2.50 each), and yard waste cart tags are over $5.  Check out our Neighborhood Lawn & Leaf fundraiser to save you money and raise proceeds for local neighborhoods. 

Videos & Audio:

Composting tutorial

Organicycle Residential Curbside Composting

Organic waste recycling in Ireland

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