• Organicycle's Curbside Composting Service allows customers the ability to place extra bags of lawn and leaf waste to help with seasonal yard waste clean up for the home. 
  • Acceptable yard waste that can be placed in bags includes grass clippings, leaves and trimmings too small to be included as bundled brush.
  • Small branches and limbs can be bundled with string, but no longer than four feet or no thicker than three inches in diameter.   Must not exceed 10 pounds in weight.  
  • Organicycle does NOT provide lawn and leaf bags to the customer but will accept and dispose any paper yard waste bag sold at local hardware and retail stores for a fee of $3.00 per bag.   
  • Christmas trees can be collected and disposed for a charge of $25 per tree.
  • Organicycle does NOT provide bulk lawn and leaf clean up.  See below for referral.


Lawn and Leaf Program for Organicycle Customers Only!