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Commercial Composting in West Michigan
That You Can Trust

Organicycle is the only commercial composter in West Michigan that serves restaurants, schools and businesses. With Organicycle, you can be confident that 100 percent of your organization's organic waste is truly being recycled into nutrient rich soil, not thrown into a landfill. 

Not just Food and Yard Waste, but Compostable Products Too

Any organic material like food paper and yard waste, including compostable products like bags and cups, can be put in your Organicycle bin, making it easy to divert all of your business or organization's organic waste

On-Site Help

For commercial accounts, a staff member will visit your site to assist with recycling efforts and implementation and answer your questions.

Simple Step for a Sustainable Future

Diverting your organic waste from landfills is a great way to achieve your sustainability initiatives and goals.  It also communicates to your employees and customers that your business values protecting the environment

Dedicated App

Not sure what can be composted? We've got an app for that. With our app, BetterBin, you can find out if something's compostable in a few short clicks, making it easier than ever to know what goes in your bin.

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Commercial Composting: Where Are Your Organics Really Going?

Recycling compostable material into nutrient rich soil is one the easiest and best ways to reduce our dependence on landfills, so choosing a hauling company that can guarantee proper disposal with a registered compost facility is paramount. If your compost company is profiting off the sales from collecting landfill waste, do they really have your best interest in making your organization more sustainable? 

Before you sign a contract with someone else, here are some important questions you should ask your waste hauler:

Where will my organic waste be composted?

Find out specifically where your organics will be composted. If they can't provide a location, it's probably ending up in the landfill. Ask to visit the site and learn about their composting practices.

Do you provide educational materials or consultation on how to best handle the composting process? 

What do you do to limit contamination with plastic or other non-biodegradable waste?

Plastic trash doesn't magically turn into rich soil. If your waste hauler doesn't give you specifics about what can and can't be composted or doesn't take steps to eliminate contamination, it's because they're sending your waste to a landfill where it doesn't matter.

How will I receive feedback on how we're doing? 

Composting is an active process. Any composter who is legitimately composting your organics will provide feedback on what's in your bin. If your waste hauler never provides feedback, updates or resources for learning, it's because your waste isn't actually being composted. 

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